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Fiscal Sponsorship

If you just formed your nonprofit organization, but don't yet have tax exempt status through the IRS (501 c3 ),  don't worry we can help.  This status is required for donors to make tax-deductible donations for your great projects.  Using a Fiscal Sponsor like us will allow you to receive tax-deductible donations and grant awards from charitable foundations.

What is a Fiscal Sponsor

A fiscal sponsor is a tax-exempt organization that agrees to receive funds and conduct other administrative functions on your group’s behalf.  As fiscal sponsor, we will process your donations and then disburse the funds to your organization.  

Types of Sponsorship Offered


Your project becomes a program of Heritage Fountain, and we maintain all legal and fiduciary responsibility for the sponsored project, its employees, and activities.  

Pre-Approved Grant Relationship

Your project remains a separate entity which is responsible for managing its own tax reporting and liability issues.  Heritage Fountain guarantees that the project uses grant funds to accomplish the tasks described in the grant proposal.


Donation fees:  6%, 9% for credit card donations

Grants: 15% of budget

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