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Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the center of our work.  We manage data for organizations by changing data from its raw form into interesting data visualizations to communicate information more effectively.  Data analytics shows data graphically to portray trends, provide insights, and tell stories in engaging ways. 


Customized Dashboards can be created to help program managers make fact-based decisions and develop appropriate strategies. Each organization has individual metrics that are relevant to its performance. We will help you identify your metrics and develop a data collection plan that works for you. 

Here are some other interesting visualizations.  For best experience, please make sure that youtube settings are set to high definition and that sound is on.

States with the Highest Teen Births, 1990-2018

Countries with the Most Deaths by Alcohol 1992-2017

Children without Health Insurance, 2018

Persons in Poverty, Ages 18-28; 2018

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