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Consulting Services

Our goal is to help nonprofits and other small businesses build organizational capacity.   One key service that we provide is Fractional COO services to assist with business strategy, operations management, process improvement, and change management so that you can focus on accomplishing your mission.

Fractional COO Benefits

  • Lower Cost: Your nonprofit or business may not have the funds to pay for a full-time Chief Operating Officer

  • Expert experience is added to your team 

  • Pay for what you need

Another key service is Digital Transformation.  This is the process of integrating digital technologies and processes into all areas of a business to modernize and improve its efficiency. Examples of these include transitioning from paper to paperless  and transitioning to cloud-based platforms.

Other Services:

  • Website Design

  • Grant Reviews

  • Logic Model Development

  • Annual Report

  • Data Management/Analytics


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